I’m a software developer with a background in embedded systems and digital electronics. I have experience working with modern technology stacks, using Golang, Kubernetes, AWS, and GCP, building scalable system solutions with massive data processing, automated infrastructure, HTTP/RPC/GraphQL servers. I’m proficient with SQL, Linux, and GIT.

I’m actively researching and testing different software architecture approaches to building efficient and scalable system software with a focus on DDD and microservices.

I started my first professional work as a developer back in 2010. At first, I was programming mainly in C/C++ and Python in IoT/embedded environments. Starting from 2016 I did a dramatic shift to Golang and system/backed development in the cloud environment (Kubernetes/AWS/GCP).

Go Kubernetes gRPC Protobuf AWS Google Cloud Jenkins MySQL Postgres MongoDB Terraform Redis Nginx GitLab GitLab CI Git GitHub Visual Studio Code GraphQL Jira Docker Linux